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Welcome to a world of jewellery that has its own unique personality! The Seahorse Pearl Necklace Gold is handcrafted with top-quality 925 sterling silver, then dipped in 18ct of luxurious gold. Make a statement even when you’re just dressing up for a casual outing, treat yourself or someone special to this elegant jewellery. 

Each piece features a beautiful gold setting in the image of a playful seahorse with a length of 2.0cm, its body is set with a teardrop shaped pearl. The highly polished metal bail gives the pendant more freedom to move along the length of chain, which has an adjustable length between 42 to 46 cm. As if that wasn’t enough, the piece also has an incredibly dainty weight, coming in at only 1.4 grams! 

Seahorses have long been symbols of strength, protection, and good fortune. In jewellery, they are often portrayed as an omen of safe journeys, love, and friendship.

You won’t have to worry about looking too serious, this gorgeous necklace will add a touch of charm and playfulness everywhere you go without having to say a word. So go ahead and make it yours today, you know deep down inside, you deserve something special like this!

Seahorse Pearl Necklace Gold

SKU: 27177f17
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