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Long-lasting nails are possible with our exclusive brush type nail glue. Get a professional look at home with this easy to apply nail glue that holds strong, making your at-home manicure experience effortless and fun.

There’s no mess! Follow our application guide to learn how to quickly and easily apply your manicure using this glue. This 7ml size is perfect for changing your manicure every weekend, or only as needed, and has enough glue to give you months’ worth of manicures!

  • How to apply: To use the brush-on nail glue, start with clean, freshly buffed nails. Gently use the wooden stick to push back any overgrown cuticles.
    1. Get your press-on nail set ready.
    2. Open and apply the nail glue just like you would apply nail polish, one nail at a time is suggested.
    3. Place the press-on nail on the freshly brushed nail, and apply slight pressure, ensuring the whole nail is in contact with the glue.
    4. Once the glue has dried, you can further shape or buff your nails as needed using the nail file and enjoy your manicured nails!
  • A note from Bonmuz: When you use glue, apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure Bon Art nail properly, and extend wear time. The more glue applied, the longer the nails will stay on. Immediately use a cloth or nail brush to remove excess glue if over gluing occurs. Do not use if nail is inflamed or infected.
  • Our nail glue formula is
    • Non-toxic
    • Long lasting 
    • Fast drying
    • Easy to use
  • Net weight: 7 ml (0.25 oz)

Pro Brush-On Nail Glue

SKU: af017405
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