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Look fashionable while wearing a timeless accessory with the Poppy Bangle Cuff Bracelet Gold Lemon Cz. Whether you’re looking to complete your everyday look or make a bold entrance at an event, this bangle cuff will make all heads turn.

Poppies are symbols of sleep and regeneration, on a spiritual level, poppies symbolize the eternal life of the soul, including reincarnation. Yellow poppies are said to symbolize wealth and success and are traditionally given to honour an August birthday.

This charming cuff bracelet is made from 925 sterling silver and dipped in 22ct gold, intricately detailed with a three-dimensional poppy flower adorned with graduated shades of lemon through to vibrant white cubic zirconia, this piece will be sure to add some dazzling charm to any outfit. An accessory that is sure to become one of your favourites! 

The modern silhouette of this cuff provides an elegant look and fits beautifully around the wrist. 19.5 cm long, open ended, meaning you won't have to compromise on comfort and style. The motif measures 3.5 x 4cm making it a chic but subtle statement piece that will go with any style.

If you're looking for fashion that speaks volumes without uttering a single word, then this exquisite design belongs on your arm.

Poppy Bangle Cuff Bracelet Gold Lemon Cz

SKU: 6308bd91
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