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Step into the spotlight with our exquisite Beatrice Oval Gemstone Pendant Necklace! Whether you fancy subtle jewels or are looking to make a bold statement, this necklace will surely be high on your list of favourites. It is sure to draw compliments for its elegant and luxurious design and when worn, it can make any outfit look stylish and extraordinary.

Dazzling in all kinds of light, the Beatrice necklace gives any ensemble a touch of brilliance. The exquisite oval gemstone centre is framed by delicately detailed cubic zirconia accents that bring out the multifaceted beauty of the stone. With an adjustable length chain of 40 to 45cm and a pendant measuring 1.7cm by 1.5cm, this 925 sterling silver, 22ct rosegold plated necklace won't just complete your style but look absolutely stunning at the same time too, plus this necklace weighs only 5 grams to ensure utmost comfort.

The birthstone for October, Pink Tourmaline is believed to help its wearer cultivate inner peace and gain insight into their inner selves. It is thought to have the power of calming anxieties and relieving stress.

Bring a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with our Beatrice necklace. It promises to take any attire up a notch.

Beatrice Oval Gemstone Pendant Necklace Rose Gold Pink Tourmaline

SKU: 87c38890
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