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Back to School Laser Hair Promotion Packages

$9100 → $5000

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This procedure utilizes concentrated laser energy to specifically target and treat the hair follicles in the designated area. The laser heat damages the follicles, resulting in the shedding of existing hair and inhibiting future hair growth. The treatment is designed to minimize discomfort and downtime by leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed.

Besides its overall effectiveness in removing unwanted hair, laser hair removal has also been proven to be highly effective in addressing specific hair-related issues such as ingrown hair, razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae), pilonidal cysts, excess hair caused by birthmarks, and hair growth after surgical procedures (grafts).

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During the procedure, some discomfort may be experienced. For more sensitive areas like the bikini line or underarms, as well as when treating larger areas like the full legs or back, patients have the option to apply a topical anesthetic cream beforehand. However, most patients undergoing treatment on smaller skin areas do not typically need to use anesthetic cream.

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Please take into consideration that most areas require 6-9 sessions. However, the number of sessions needed for optimal long-term results depends on various factors such as the thickness of your hair, the specific area being treated, and the growth cycle of your hair. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time; they go through three different stages: growth, regression, and resting.

Our treatments work by deactivating the hair that is primarily in the active growth stage during the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth stage at different times, additional sessions may be necessary to deactivate all of the hair follicles in a given area. We offer a series of LightSheer® treatments to help you stay on track, and we recommend scheduling your treatment plan during your initial appointment.

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Laser Hair Removal for the Face & Body in NYC

If you have unwanted facial or body hair that you would like to get rid of, our laser hair removal system could be the perfect solution for you. Contact our team at DermaStar today by dialing

(212) 386-7727 or simply click the 'BOOK NOW' button below to schedule your consultation in the Upper East Side.

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